Doctor Who Figure Adventures

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Series 1



The creater of the daleks. He has tried to destroy the Doctor and Earth for Years. He always Fails.

The Daleks


they were created by davros and are most likely to be battling the doctor.

Weeping Angles


The Image of an Angle is an Angle. When you blink with an angle beside you you could be sent into the past or future. The Doctor has faced them before but will he ever lose the these stone creatures.




They turn there heads into diferant emotions on the face such as, happy, mad, very angry. They kidnapped the Queen so that they could rule New Britain.

Prisoner Zero


The Shapeshifting creature that was inprisoned by the Atraxi. He Escaped and Tried to Cause Havoc To The World.




This Dalek tried tokill the doctor and his new friend but as usual didn't win the battle.



The Slitheen Kill humans for skin. They put a Zip at the Top of the Head on the skin so that they can slip in and out of it.

Series 2  (Comming Soon).



On earth agian as James' dad leaves one on the sofa and Johnny finds it. Later it then tries to kill everyone and others wake in their Plastic Attack.