Doctor Who Figure Adventures

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Episode 1: Rise of the Daleks.

The Doctor, Martha and Sarah-Jane have to go against all the Daleks before the possesed humans kill them.

Episode 2: The 9 Doctors.

The Doctor starts to have a dream that he and 8 of his past selfs are trapped by the Daleks and Weeping Angles.

Episode 3: Prisoner Zero.

The Doctor has another dream about Him and the others meeting Novice Hame and the face of boe. Both his friends die and it is caused by Prisoner Zero

Episode 4: Stuck In Time.

The TARDIS stops in the middle of space due to the Weeping Angles. But Can they defeat them or will they be stuck in time forever...

The Preview for the series finale

Episode 5: The Queens Servants.

 The Doctor, Martha and Sarah Jane crash land in New Britain. Martha Leaves the TARDIS and is kidnapped by a man. Later Sarah Jane is kidnapped by an old enemy of the doctor. The Doctor has to then find everyone before it is too late.